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Certificate in Ethical Leadership - Special BYU Pricing

The Business Ethics Field Guide

Certificate in Ethical Leadership - Special BYU Pricing

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Build essential skills in ethical leadership that will set you apart from your business peers and help you fulfill the mission of the BYU Management Society.

The BYU Management Society, in partnership with Merit Leadership, is providing the opportunity to earn a Certificate in Ethical Leadership. This program is ideal for working professionals who would like to help create a more ethical world through professional development in ethics and leadership.

This is a twelve-month program with one cohort, requiring approximately 8 hours per month of reading, assignments, and hands-on experiences. Each learning and experiential assignment will have multiple options to best fit the individual participant’s needs.

Program Outcomes

  1. Greater Knowledge of Ethical Theory and Principles
  2. Great Knowledge of Leadership Theory and Principles
  3. Greater Knowledge of Project Management
  4. Better Understanding of the Skills Necessary for Leadership
  5. Greater Knowledge of the Laws and Regulations that Govern Businesses
  6. Greater Knowledge of the Leadership and Management of Ethics in Organizations
  7. Greater Knowledge of the Ethics and Compliance Function in Organizations
  8. Greater Knowledge of the BYU Management Society
  9. Greater Commitment to the BYU Management Society and its Aims

 Program Requirements

  • Various book and article readings, including required readings and options from pre-selected lists to best fit the participant’s goals and circumstances.
  • Monthly check-ins and journal readings/reflection.
  • Experiential assignments both in the workplace and in the BYU Management Society to pass new knowledge onto others and learn project management skills.
  • Final assessment and reflection.




  • Learn about ethical theory and principles from the Business Ethics Field Guide, a book highlighting the thirteen most common ethical dilemmas people face in a wide range of workplaces.
    • (insert hyperlink to book)
  • Make important decisions about the course of your life.
    • Read How Will You Measure Your Life by Harvard professor/LDS scholar Clayton Christensen
    • Create a personal mission statement designed to help you define your life path and the activities that will keep you on that path.
    • Use a guided program using well-established templates and rubrics to prioritize goals and values.
  • Learn about a previous newsworthy ethical scandal from a list of pre-selected books spanning multiple industries.
  • Provide an ethics training session at work or in BYU Management Society training.
    • Develop training based on your knowledge gained from your assignments and journal reflections
  • Perform an ethics code audit or create an ethics code of your work or another organization you have an interest in.


  • Learn about the burgeoning field of compliance as it applies to both your particular vocation and to the business world at large.
  • Select from curriculum materials teaching about prevailing laws and regulations governing the business world including:
    • Anti-Corruption/Anti-Bribery
    • Anti-Trust
    • Anti-Money Laundering
    • Consumer Protection
    • Conflicts of Interest
    • Environmental Law
    • Government Contracting/Relationships
    • Labor/Employment
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Privacy and Data Protection
    • Supply Chain Compliance
    • Trade Compliance
  • Explore and develop skills in hot button fields including sexual harassment and workplace discrimination and diversity
  • Incorporate this new knowledge and skills into ethics training (detailed above) if appropriate.


  • Learn about leadership principles from the new book The Catalyst Effect
  • Learn from various assigned and optional readings about what makes a strong leader.
  • Participate in a self-assessment of your own leadership skills and weaknesses. 


  • Plan or participate in the planning of a BYU Management Activity
    • Understand the vision of the BYU MS to “grow moral and ethical leadership around the world.”
    • Actively work to create an activity to strengthen your local chapter.
    • Reach out to members to help and participate, thereby increasing activity and interest.

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